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LBMC knows real estate and construction from the ground up. With numerous real estate and construction clients, we’ve learned how to create opportunities and provide best practices that benefit you.

For over 30 years, LBMC has worked with a wide range of clients in the  construction industry. Our goal is to help these clients address challenging regulatory requirements, 评估财务风险, 提高盈利能力,发展业务.

Whether it’s acceleration of depreciation deductions, 财产税减免, 改善基础设施拨款, 或者能源效率信用, our deep industry experience and expertise can help. 从开始到完成, 我们通过会计帮你完成项目, auditing, tax planning, payroll, technology, and management support that alleviate the burden on you. We provide comprehensive services that are customized to meet your needs. 

CASE STUDY: R&D建设税收抵免 & Real Estate

This success story reviews an architecture/engineering service company located in Nashville, 田纳西州向明升体育app下载队伍伸出了橄榄树&D Tax Credit Study. The company had annual revenue of $148 million in 2017 and has grown significantly. They employ 1,150 employees of which 650 are included as qualified.


Our team of R&D consultants conducted group meetings with leaders from each market segment, 创新委员会的主要成员, and financial team in order to educate and advise on the qualifications of the R&D信用以及如何将其应用到他们的业务中. In these meetings, we discuss project qualifications and determine which projects qualify across markets. This information is used to analyze their internal time-keeping data and quantify a qualified research percentage for each applicable employee.


  • 合资格研究开支(合格研究开支)1,300万元
  • $1.100万美元的联邦信贷总额
  • $40 thousand in gross credits from 4 states in 2021



  • Do you employee engineers, scientists, project supervisors, or programmers?
  • 你是否开发或改进产品或流程?
  • Do you incur raw material costs during the product development process?
  • 你会制作原型、夹具、模型或染料吗?

Since 2014, McGuire Sponsel and LBMC have partnered to provide first-class service with integrity that brings value to LBMC’s clients. As a national specialty tax consulting firm, McGuire Sponsel offers Research & 发展税收抵免, 固定资产服务,包括成本分离, Global Business Services and Credit and Incentive Services. 更多信息请明升体育app下载.


As a top 50 firm in the country, LBMC is dedicated to providing services tailored to our clients. Since we work with a wide variety of 房地产及建筑业 clients, LBMC has invested significant resources to meeting the needs of this industry. LBMC的主要区别在于:

  • Diverse Experience
  • 大局观
  • 有竞争力的价格
  • 专注于最后期限
  • Intense Attention

Who we serve

LBMC industry experts have experience working with a variety of 房地产及建筑业 Clients. Our industry experience includes serving companies such as:

  • 资产管理公司
  • Commercial & 住宅建设
  • Commercial & 住宅房地产业主/投资者
  • Developers
  • Engineering & Design Firms
  • 家族所有房地产实体
  • 总承包商 & Subcontractors
  • Operators
  • 物业管理公司
  • 物业管理公司
  • Commercial and 住宅房地产业主/投资者
  • 家族拥有的房地产实体


在充满活力的建筑世界里, where every project involves intricate financial transactions, managing billing processes efficiently is crucial. Enter ProForm的强大解决方案 LBMC技术解决方案, designed to revolutionize AIA (American Institute of Architects) billing within the Construction industry.

无缝集成 Sage Intacct的ERP会计平台, ProForm simplifies complex billing procedures, enhances accuracy, and optimizes cash flow.

阅读LBMC Tech的博客了解更多信息.

Executive Team


Mark Blackburn


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Stacy Schuettler


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phone icon email icon Knoxville

Jeff Talley

Shareholder, Tax

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Marc Tolleson


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Chuck Tomlin

Shareholder, Tax

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Sharon Powlus

Employment Partners的总裁兼首席执行官

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Sherrie Whatton


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phone icon email icon Chattanooga Knoxville Nashville

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If you are not a client and are interested in more information on our services, complete the form below to have an LBMC sales team member contact you.

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