LBMC’s seventh-annual Business Outlook Report provides a concise overview of 2024 business trends, 挑战, and growth opportunities for middle market companies.

专注于医疗保健, 制造及分销, 和技术, this 83-page report also offers insights into the economic outlook. Covering the past 12 months and projecting into 2024, 它探讨了关键的商业主题, 盈利能力的策略, and the overall outlook for businesses.

LBMC’s team continuously monitors market trends and prepares for business 挑战 our clients may encounter. 查看此报告后, we invite you to reach out to your LBMC contact to discuss what this might mean for your business.

LBMC’s 2024 Business Outlook Report Outlines Top Business Trends, 增长机会, 经济的见解

LBMC, one of the Southeast’s largest accounting and business consulting firms, is pleased to present the seventh annual national Business Outlook Report. The report offers insight into business trends, 挑战, growth opportunities and the economic outlook for the U.S. and Southeast, with additional details on the healthcare, 技术 and 制造业 industries. The report also provides perspectives into the business landscape over the last 12 months and expectations for 2024, focusing on the changing business environment, 表演, 和策略, as well as key business topics for the coming year.

Download your copy of the Business Outlook Report above.

“Have we made it through the recessionary storm? 这件事还没有定论. Labor shortages are softening, and executives have an eye on modest growth for 2024. They are pursuing the rollout of new products and services as well as new markets. 技术 investments are still important for efficiency and productivity measures, but investment in nonessentials will be modest. The overarching theme is a cautiously optimistic sentiment among business leaders for 2024. Given the current environment and increasing instability nationally and globally, these insights are more important than ever before. We are pleased to share this report to help inform businesses as they navigate the year ahead,” 苏珊娜里德LBMC首席营销官.


  • 新产品和服务的开发
  • 进入新市场
  • 兼并与收购
  • 招聘和培训


  • Access to capital/high interest rates
  • Increased labor costs/adequate staffing
  • National economic landscape/looming recessing
  • Inflationary effect on materials and supplies costs

“The findings in this report are consistent with what we are seeing in our business, and we look forward to communicating the results with our clients as we support their evolving goals and help them achieve success. 在LBMC, our strategic growth plan is centered around what will be required of the firm of the future. We believe this includes the expansion of the firm’s capabilities in the context of markets, 服务产品, key growth industries and process innovation,” 吉姆·米德, CEO and Managing Shareholder, LBMC, PC.


LBMC is a 2023 Forbes Best 税 and 会计 Firm, one of the Southeast’s largest accounting and business consulting firms, and an 会计 Today Top Firm in the Nation serving approximately 11,000 clients with diverse needs across a spectrum of industries. Primary client groups include privately-owned middle market companies in the healthcare, 制造业, 技术, 私募股权领域. LBMC拥有850多名团队成员, 在纳什维尔设有办事处, 查塔努加, 和诺克斯维尔, 田纳西州, 路易斯维尔, 肯塔基州, 和夏洛特, 北卡罗莱纳. Founded in 1984 as a traditional accounting firm, LBMC today is an industry leader in financial, 人力资源, 技术, 网络安全, and wealth advisory services for businesses and individuals. For more information on LBMC’s experts and comprehensive services, visit our website or call 615.377.4600.

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